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Image by Briana Tozour


Why is Venetian Plaster Expensive?

Venetian plaster unfortunately has many misconceptions thrown about its installation costs. We are aware of many articles stating what Venetian Plaster should cost. Most of which are inaccurate of what the materials should cost. Our chosen plasters can NOT be found in your standard hardware store and are subject to higher prices due to having foreign origin and shipping costs associated. All plasters need to be custom tinted with special pigments and application is extremely easy to botch. 

Much of our work we have comes from such instances where experimenting had gone wrong. Although we do not discourage anyone from trying the process we do not set a precedence that plaster is something everyone can do. It is commonplace to see most potential applicators quit installing at some point. This is due to plasters difficult nature to fluctuate depending on amounts of water, pressure, timing, color, temperature and method of application.

Applicators such as myself cannot applicate in later years, resulting in shorter working careers. Repetitive movements destroy the ligaments in shoulders from the pressure required to create these designs. All of the above are just some of the reasons why Venetian Plasters may be more expensive than other wall coverings. We strive to remain competitive with other experienced applicators across the country. We also offer discounts based on certain metrics such as high square footage. 

There are many metrics that affect price, to see your quoted price per foot please fill out a form on our contact page. 

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