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Learn Venetian Plasters from the Plaster Master!

I am a professional Venetian plaster specialist and I'm excited to share my skills!

I have learned many techniques and have used many product lines from all over the world.

For many years people like myself have been scared to share this knowledge in fears of sharing the market that is very niche and is still building. I want to break the mold and teach many people to compete and drive this lost art into a better future.

How to: Venetian Plaster to Upgrade your space

Venetian plasters are a highly specified niche that has little to no competition. Training is few and most information is wrong. What's in it for you? Well if your not interested in learning you now know of a pro to take of everything for you. but if you are interested in learning it can prove to be a valuable source of income and knowledge that desperately needs to be shared.

Inquire for class schedules online!

Next class will be held on August 11-13th 2022

Visit our website for more information.

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