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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Our Services

Our services include:

Venetian Plaster (High Polished Plasters)

Marmorino Textures

Faux Finish

Waterproof Shower Plasters

Antiquing Plasters 

Metallic plasters

Suede - Velvet plasters


Animal prints and wood textures

Concrete Finishes


Venetian Plasters 

High Polished traditional lime based plaster with high marble dust content to achieve a "Mirror" reflection.

Silk - Velvet Plasters 

These plasters have a smooth and almost transparent look that reflects light depending on where you look at it from, Visually replicates Silk or Velvet.

Faux Finish / Interior Painting

This style of finishing is done with mixing mediums such as glaze, powders and paints to achieve a look or theme without the texture from plasters.

Marmorino Textures

Marmo textures have a variety of aggregate used to create stone finishes and other 3 dimensional designs.

Clay Plasters

These clay plasters are Eco - Friendly and have Zero VOC's. These plasters achieve a unique finish that is soft yet captures all hand trowel movements similar to Venetian Plaster without the High sheen.

Waterproof Plasters

This skill is a long process using multiple types of plasters to achieve a smooth plaster for shower walls that are seamless.

What Our Clients Say

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Image by Rebecca Orlov | Epic Playdate
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star

- Lea M.

I Cannot say enough good things about Angel and his work. Last week he completed our fireplace, and we are more than pleased with the outcome...My fireplace looks fantastic and we couldn't be happier.

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